About Gerimedica

About Gerimedica

About Gerimedica 

Gerimedica was founded in 2007 as a spin-off of Amsterdam University Medical Centre. The aim was to develop an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) with advanced integrated professional support. 15 Years later, Gerimedica has grown into a healthy and independent company with 70+ employees. Tens of thousands healthcare professionals working at more than 120 healthcare institutions use our software on a daily basis.

Gerimedica supports healthcare professionals in delivering the best possible care. We do this by combining innovative software technology with in depth knowledge of the health care domain.

Our product Ysis

Gerimedica’s EMR is known under the name “Ysis”. It is tailormade  to the needs of medical practitioners in elderly care and the care for mentally disabled people.

The system has been designed in order to minimize the time a professional spends at their computer screen. We have optimized the processes for finding relevant information and for reporting about care given. This enables a practitioner to spend more time on actually delivering care to patients. This is where our motto: “Focus on your profession” originates. 

Gerimedica has been known in the market for its EMR for 15 years. Our new product, Ysis Health Record, was launched in may 2022. Ysis Health Record provides support for nurses in elderly care and care for mentally disabled people. With this addition we will be able to support both medical and nursing professionals in their daily work.

What else does Gerimedica do?

Implementation, training & workshops
Gerimedica supports the implementation of all Ysis products and provides training and workshops, where we share our knowledge and expertise. We do this to support and advise our customers on how to make optimal use of Ysis.

Medical Research
The information collected through the use of Ysis is stored in a database, which can (considering alle privacy and security laws) also be used for medical research performed by Amsterdam University Medical Centre. There is a great need for more high quality medical research on the care for vulnerable people. We are proud that we can contribute to this by enabling this research. Amsterdam UMC has published several articles in renowned medical journals based on the data in Ysis.

This research has also played an important role in the understanding and subsequent actions during the Covid-19 pandemic in nursing homes. It is the primary data-source for our government, when making decisions on this topic.

Gerimedica Inzicht
Gerimedica Inzicht BV is an independent company within the Gerimedica group. With the tools Inzicht provides, healthcare institutions can gain insight into their data through dashboards and real-time alerts. Gerimedica Inzicht offers various services and packages and helps healthcare institutions to provide healthcare professionals with action-oriented insights.


What do we stand for?

  • Our vision

    Based on the core belief that care for vulnerable people is at the heart of our society, we support professionals in delivering the best possible care and drive the evolution from a control driven towards a trust driven healthcare system where patients and professionals are interconnected and their data is readily available and safe.

    In order to do so we allocate our resources to benefit healthcare, medical research and society in general and we challenge obsolete and impeding structures  while remaining independent.

  • Our values

    Clever mind, caring heart

    We use our talents and skills to build teams that provide a trusting environment and focus on results. While aiming for high performance we keep an eye out for each other.

    Be bold, have impact

    We aim for results; always willing to experiment. Perfectionism is the enemy of progress. Doing ok is not good enough for us, or our customers. We don’t just want to contribute to  the system, we aim to change it!


    We support each other in our growth as a human, as a professional and as a team member. Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.

    Create value 

    We focus on creating value for healthcare professionals. When we achieve that; profit is inevitable. If it isn’t valuable to our customers, it probably isn’t worth the trouble.

Our people

Gerimedica currently employs over 80 employees. With more than 15 nationalities, our colleagues come from all over the world, which makes Gerimedica a melting pot of different cultures. Gerimedica employs (former) healthcare professionals, support staff and IT specialists. Go to our teampage to get a glimpse of our team!

Work at Gerimedica

We are hiring! Gerimedica is growing and therefore we have various vacancies open. Curious if there is a position there for you? Check our vacancies and information on our website.

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